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If you’ve ever found yourself enchanted by the pastoral charm of the cottagecore aesthetic, you’re not alone. This nostalgic style, characterized by its romanticized simplicity and connection to nature, has taken the world by storm. However, what might surprise some is the fascinating journey many have taken from gothic fashion and lifestyle to the whimsical world of cottagecore. As we delve into the harmonious blend of vintage elegance and rustic tranquility, we’re excited to share our top five cottagecore brands that perfectly capture this enchanting aesthetic.

From dreamy homewares to timeless fashion pieces, these brands bring the magic of cottagecore to life, inviting you to transform your everyday into a pastoral paradise. So, get ready to immerse yourself in a world where the countryside meets comfort, and discover the must-have items that will make your cottagecore dreams come true!

Hedge Witch Cottage

Hedge Witch Cottage - Cottagecore Aestheitc Lifestyle Home Decor
Hedge Witch Cottage Home Decor

If you’re like me, you like your cottagecore with a splash of darkness. Hedge Witch Cottage marries dark witchy themes with the beautiful flora and fauna of the cottagecore aesthetic within it’s homewares and textiles. HWC range includes pillows, blankets, tablecoths, floor rugs, placemats, tapestries and more – perfect for decking out yer cottage from kitchen to bedroom. My Personal favourite from this brand is their Fauna Pillow Slip Set!

Find the rest of Hedge Witch Cottage’s range here.

Retro Fairy

Retro Fairy - Cottagecore Fashion Brand
Fashion By Retro Fairy

Retro fairy’s whimsical wardrobe includes timeless pieces that ooze with classic cottage witch. From traditional style milkmaid dresses, soft floral knitted cardigans, embroidered corsets and waist coasts – their whole range transports you to a warm cottage deep in a forest, surrounded by woodland creatures, a roaring fire, wild flowers and the rich scents of freshly baked bread and stew. While most of these pieces don’t have a gothic edge to them, their colourful corsets and dresses are perfect to layer in with dark accessories, black under skirts and hair pieces. With a whole section dedicated to just cottagecore fashion, you’ll find yourself lost perusing and daydreaming of being in your woodland lodgings, far far away!

Find the rest of Retro Fairy’s range here.

Pandora Witch Shop

Pandora Witch House - Witchy Cottagecore Home Decor
Home Decor by Pandora Witch Shop

Leaning further back in to the witchy side of things, Pandora Witch Shop has wall decor pieces perfect to spooky up your cottage while still maintaining that warm, cozy feel that cottagecore demands. With a gorgeous collection of hand painted and engraved dark wood wall hanging pieces. their offerings also include beautiful death wall mounted moth shelves, and beautiful witch house shelves and chests.

Find the rest of Pandora Witch Shop’s range here.

Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful Cottagecore Collection
Cottagecore Homewares at Tragic Beautiful

Not only is Tragic Beautiful home to Hedge Witch Cottage, but their entire collection of cottagecore brands and products give you the opportunity to browse homewares and decor effortlessly. Expanding from the textiles of HWC, Tragic Beautiful have unique pieces to decorate your cottage with from celestial moon lamps and crystal string lights, to bedding, shelves, kitchenware and more, all of which have a beautiful mix of spooky and whimsical, all rolled in to one.

Check out Tragic Beautiful’s Cottagecore collection here.

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life - Cottagecore Fashion
Fashion by Tree Of Life

Finishing off with taking you back to your wardrobe – if you prefer a bit more subtly when it comes to your choice of cottagecore fashion, Tree Of Life has you covered. Always known for their free & earthy style of fashion, Tree Of Life has come in to 2024 with pieces perfect for goths and ghouls who want fashion pieces that look and feel like they’re straight of our Stevie Nicks wardrobe. From gorgeous draping green maxi dresses, to velvety black gowns, floral shift dresses and a huge array of kimonos, dusters and jumpsuits – you can deck out your wardrobe from basics to statement pieces.

Find the rest of Tree Of Life’s range here.

Whether you’re embracing the pastoral charm of cottagecore for the first time or deepening your love for this enchanting aesthetic, we hope we’ve given you some great brands to check out! From Hedge Witch Cottage’s dark, witchy homewares to Retro Fairy’s whimsical fashion, each brand brings its unique twist to the cottagecore aesthetic, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Dive into these delightful collections and let the magic of cottagecore transform your everyday life. Happy exploring!

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