Gothic fashion has always been synonymous with edginess, individuality, and a certain dark allure. Yet, for far too long, the realm of alternative fashion seemed to overlook the diverse shapes and sizes of its enthusiasts, with many brands selling (if we were lucky) up to an XL or 2XL and declaring them plus size goth clothes. However, a wave of change has swept through the scene, with several brands stepping up to cater to the plus size community, ensuring that every individual can express their unique style without compromise. In this blog, we’ll be delving into some of the brands making waves in the world of plus size gothic fashion.

Hexxxed Intimates: Embracing Every Curve

When it comes to gothic lingerie and corsets, Hexxxed Intimates stands out as a beacon of inclusivity. As a Tragic Beautiful exclusive brand, Hexxxed Intimates offers a range of lingerie, harnesses and corsets designed with plus size bodies in mind. Their new range of lingerie features spider webs, scorpions, snakes & more and caters up to a 4XL, while their range of corsets & harnesses goes up to a 6XL. Previously, there was a massive gap in the plus size lingerie space where there was only one flavor: frumpy (and god forbid you’d ever see a plus size babe in a harness or corset!). From spider web lingerie sets to PVC and leather steel-boned corsets, their collection exudes confidence and sensuality.

What’s more, their commitment to ethical production ensures that every piece is not only stylish but also conscientiously made, choosing not to mass-produce and instead producing to demand. Hexxxed Intimates celebrates the beauty of every curve, filling a much-needed gap in the market for plus size corsetry. Seeing this range on so many shapes and sizes has been exciting, and we really hope more brands release plus size lingerie!

One of Hexxxed Intimates plus size corsets in 6XL on model @irrlicht_ credit: Instagram

Tragic Beautiful: Ethical Gothic Streetwear for All

Tragic Beautiful is known for curating an eclectic mix of gothic & alternative fashion but has recently expanded its horizons by launching its own clothing range that goes up to a 5XL. Committed to ethical practices and sustainability, Tragic Beautiful’s collection encompasses graphic tees, crops, and tracksuits, all meticulously designed in-house.

According to their blog, this range was designed in-house, and they meticulously designed each pattern to suit plus size bodies. Many know the struggle of buying a “plus size” t-shirt, only to find out it was designed using the same ratios as an XS – even though they are two different body shapes! Tragic Beautiful did not want to do this, and instead designed a range to cater to plus size bodies flawlessly. Along with their range of lingerie, this range is also ethically produced, prioritizing slow fashion over fast fashion once more in hopes of more conscious fashion production.

Some of Tragic Beautiful’s new plus size clothing in 4XL on model

Widow: Embracing Diversity

Dolls Kill has been at the forefront of embracing diversity in fashion, particularly through its plus size offerings. Their Widow range, in particular, has garnered attention for its edgy yet inclusive designs. Featuring studs, lace, and fishnet detailing, Dolls Kill’s plus size collection exudes confidence and empowerment. Dolls Kill has faced some backlash in the past, but their range of plus size clothing has allowed many curvy babes a place to buy plus size gothic fashion from places other than Shein.

Some of Widow’s plus size clothing on XL model

Punk Rave: Challenging Conventions

This is a true story of growth! While Punk Rave’s sizing may sometimes raise eyebrows, there’s no denying their efforts to cater to plus size bodies. After facing criticism for their lack of plus size offerings, Punk Rave recognized the need for inclusivity within the alternative fashion scene, developing their own range of plus size exclusive products. A tale as old as time: anyone over an XL has had to miss out on so many amazing gothic fashion items because brands simply opted not to produce over that size – many still do not! Instead of being one of those brands, Punk Rave listened to the criticism and did something about it.

By actually listening to the demands of customers and providing options for individuals who have long been overlooked by mainstream brands, Punk Rave has allowed for greater representation in gothic fashion.

Punk Rave’s new plus size range

Honorable Mention: Demonia’s Wide Calf Collection

No gothic ensemble is complete without the perfect pair of boots, and Demonia ensures that no one is left out with their wide calf collection. Featuring cult favorites like the Swing-815 and Camel-300 in wide calf versions, Demonia combines style with practicality, catering to the needs of a diverse audience. As they continue to expand their range, we really hope that Demonia will continue producing wide calf versions of boots in more styles and colors.

Swing-815 and Camel-300 Wide Calf Boots from Demonia

The landscape of gothic fashion is undergoing a profound transformation, with brands like Hexxxed Intimates, Tragic Beautiful, Dolls Kill, Punk Rave, and Demonia leading the charge towards greater inclusivity and diversity. By embracing the beauty of every shape and size, these brands not only redefine the notion of gothic style but also empower individuals to express themselves authentically, regardless of societal norms or expectations.

As the movement towards inclusivity gains momentum, one thing is certain: the future of gothic fashion is bold, diverse, and unapologetically inclusive.

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