As the leaves begin to fall and the air turns crisp, it’s time to infuse a touch of cozy darkness into your living space. For those of us who feel more at home surrounded by gothic homewares and oddities, Autumn offers a prime opportunity to revamp our sanctuaries into cozy gothic retreats. And what better place to start than the heart of comfort and style – your bedroom.

This season, let’s delve into the realm of gothic bedroom decor and explore how to elevate your space with the perfect blend of eerie elegance and autumn warmth. From gothic bedding essentials like quilt covers and bed linens to detailed touches such as candles and seasonal crystals, we’ve got you covered with these gothic bedroom ideas!

Check out our 5 easy ways to style your gothic bedroom for Autumn!

Gothic Bedding

When it comes to curating your gothic bedroom, the devil is in the details – and nothing sets the tone quite like your choice of gothic bedding. Bid farewell to bland duvet covers and embrace the allure of gothic bedding! With the right quilt cover and bed linens, you can effortlessly merge comfort with macabre sophistication, inviting a sense of otherworldly charm into your personal space. Tragic Beautiful is a haven of gorgeously spooky bedding, from cottagecore style quilt covers, to Halloween themed all the way to dark florals – their curated range has something for every genre of goth.

For Autumn, our top 3 quilt sets from Tragic Beautiful are the Damascus Skull Quilt Cover Set, the Old Salem Quilt Cover set and the Fear The Reaper Quilt Cover Set!

Gothic bedding from gothic & alternative lifestyle brand Tragic Beautiful


Create a romantic and cozy atmosphere for your gothic bedroom this Autumn with statement pillar candles! Infuse radiance and warmth into every corner by scattering burnt orange, red, and black taper candles and alongside these captivating gothic pillar candles crafted by KC Alchemy. Admittedly, these candles are so gorgeous I can’t imagine lighting them, however their captivating scents make it nearly impossible not to.

It was nearly impossible to pick just a few favorites from KC Alchemy’s collection, we think our favourite candles for our this season are the Lady Justice, The Apparition and the Jack O’Bubbles!

Gothic pillar candles for your gothic bedroom from KC Alchemy


In a season of change, it’s time to revitalize your gothic sanctuary with a twist of Victorian aesthetic. Embrace the unexpected by adorning your windows with creamy lace curtains reminiscent of a bygone era. These delicate Victorian-style accents offer a delightful contrast to the usual darkness of a gothic bedroom, infusing the space with an air of cozy sophistication. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the warm cream tones of these curtains work harmoniously to diffuse the afternoon sunlight, enveloping the room in a radiant warmth that beckons you to unwind and relax.

We simply adore these elegantly spooky curtains from Touch of Class, visit here to check out their full range of Victorian inspired curtains!


Autumn is the perfect time to infuse some mystical energy into your bedroom. Crystals, with their innate beauty and powerful properties, are the perfect addition to your sanctuary. Picture this: clusters of citrine radiating warmth and abundance, obsidian standing guard against negative vibes, labradorite shimmering with its otherworldly iridescence, carnelian igniting passion and creativity, and smoky quartz grounding you amidst the seasonal transition. We only ever want to recommend purchasing crystals from a verified and ethical retailer, that’s why Tragic Beautiful is our go-to for our autumn crystals (and all year round!)

Check out Tragic Beautiful’s crystal collection here!

Autumn Crystals Citrine, Obsidian and Carnelian from Witchcraft & Alternative online retailer Tragic Beautiful

Floral Arrangements

It’s time to infuse your gothic bedroom with the essence of the season. Enter: moody dried floral arrangements. Picture moody florals and dried branches adorned with rust-colored leaves, creating a bewitching tapestry that speaks to the changing landscape outside your window. But here’s the twist: instead of simply placing them in a vase, consider hanging these botanical beauties upside down from your walls or ceiling for a truly witchy vibe. This unconventional approach adds a touch of the arcane to your decor, transforming your space into a haven of dark enchantment!

Amble and Twine’s collection of naturally dried everlasting flowers are beyond hauntingly beautiful, perfect for maintaining the dark gothic vibes of your bedroom while adding warmth and moody colors.

Hauntingly Beautiful dried flower arrangements by Amble and Twine

As the leaves fall and the air gets a little crisp, your gothic bedroom is gearing up to be the ultimate cozy hideout for Autumn. With our guide, we hope you’re all set to give it that perfect mix of eerie charm and snug warmth. From the hauntingly beautiful quilt covers of Tragic Beautiful to the mesmerizing glow of KC Alchemy’s candles, every detail has been meticulously chosen to evoke the essence of the season!

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