If you’re anything like us, you know that achieving the perfect trad goth makeup look is an art form. And at the heart of that masterpiece? The trusty white foundation. It’s the canvas upon which we create our gothic masterpieces, from hauntingly beautiful to boldly dramatic.

But recently, there’s been a buzz in the online beauty scene, and it’s all thanks to e.l.f’s latest collab with Liquid Death: the e.l.f. x Liquid Death Corpse Paint Vault. This partnership caused a frenzy online, with the vault vanishing from their virtual shelves within hours. Suddenly, white foundation wasn’t just for the die-hard trad goths – it became a must-have for anyone looking to rock those iconic goth makeup looks. So, grab your black eyeliner and lace-up corset because we’re about to dive into the world of our favorite white foundations for unleashing your inner goth.

White Foundation - Gothic Corpse Paint Makeup

Tradgoth Makeup vs Corpse Paint

The distinction between traditional goth makeup and corpse paint lies in their origins, inspirations, and cultural significance. Traditional goth makeup, rooted in the late 1970s and early 1980s gothic subculture, draws inspiration from Victorian romanticism, punk aesthetics, and gothic literature. It embraces a dark and ethereal aesthetic, often featuring pale skin achieved with white foundation, dark, smoky eyes, and deep, dramatic lip colors. This makeup style is more than just a cosmetic choice; it’s a form of self-expression deeply intertwined with the gothic lifestyle and its artistic and cultural influences.

On the other hand, corpse paint, commonly associated with black metal musicians, is characterized by its deliberate resemblance to a decaying or undead appearance. Originating from the theatrical stage performances of artists like Arthur Brown in the 1960s, corpse paint has evolved into a distinct visual identity within the black metal subculture. While both traditional goth makeup and corpse paint share a penchant for darkness and theatricality, they serve different purposes and carry unique cultural connotations, reflecting the diverse influences and expressions within alternative subcultures.

Now, check out our list of some of the best white foundations currently on the market!

Seen A Ghost Foundation

Looking for that perfect pale complexion to complete your goth look? Look no further than Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Seen A Ghost Foundation. This holy grail white foundation has been causing a stir online, thanks to TikTok makeup guru Mother of Hades. And let me tell you, it’s not just hype. This smooth liquid formula delivers impeccable coverage and is a breeze to apply, making it a must-have in any goth’s makeup arsenal. Whether you’re going for a full-on ghostly vibe or just want a touch of ethereal glow, Seen A Ghost has got you covered. Plus, the range also includes a Matte Setting Powder and a Shimmer Setting Powder to lock in that hauntingly beautiful finish. Say hello to your new go-to for achieving that otherworldly Tradgoth look effortlessly.

Seen a ghost white foundation worn by Tiktok makeup artist Mother of Hades
Seen A Ghost Foundation worn by Tiktok Makeup Artist @motherof.hades

Mehron Clown White Foundation

If you’re in search of a white foundation that delivers opacity and consistency, Mehron’s Clown White is your ultimate pick. While originally crafted with clowns and mimes in mind, this cream has proven itself to be a game-changer for those seeking a flawless pale complexion. Renowned for its smooth, crack-free formula, Mehron’s Clown White ensures full coverage even under the most demanding performance conditions!

Mehron Clown White Foundation

Goth White Cream Powder Foundation

When it comes to iconic brands in goth culture, Manic Panic has always been at the forefront – so it’s no surprise that they’ve introduced their own gothic white foundation. Enter the Goth White Cream Powder Foundation, a best-selling staple that’s captured the hearts of Goths, cosplayers, and special effects makeup artists alike. This versatile foundation boasts a velvety consistency that glides on like a cream but sets to a potent powder finish. Whether you’re using it as a makeup base, a white primer for vibrant eyeshadows, or as an under-eye concealer, this product delivers flawless results every time, making it an essential addition to any goth’s makeup collection.

Manic Panic Goth White Cream to Powder Foundation

Oh My Goth! White Foundation

Oh My Goth! Liquid Foundation is the go-to choice for those who adore Tradgoth makeup but prefer a slightly softer touch of white. Perfect for those who want to dabble in spooky tones without committing to pure pale white, Oh My Goth! offers a neutral off-white liquid foundation that strikes just the right balance. Whether applied with a sponge, cream, or fingertips, Oh My Goth! blends seamlessly, effortlessly elevating your look with a hint of spirit.

Oh My Goth! Liquid Foundation worn by Tiktok Makeup Artist @motherof.hades

E.l.f x Liquid Death Corpse Paint Vault

The e.l.f. x Liquid Death Corpse Paint Vault has recently taken the internet by storm, capturing the attention of goths and alternative beauty enthusiasts alike. This limited-edition makeup kit promises to slay the viral corpse paint look with its sleek black packaging and curated selection of five makeup must-haves. However, despite its instant popularity and undeniable allure, the promotion has sparked mixed feelings within the alternative beauty community. Some applaud the collaboration as a bold move by a mainstream brand to embrace gothic aesthetics, while others express concern about the appropriation of goth culture by non-alternative brands.

E.l.f x Liquid Death Corpse Paint Vault White Foundation
E.l.f x Liquid Death Corpse Paint Vault

From the classic elegance of traditional goth makeup to the bold theatricality of corpse paint, there’s a white foundation out there to suit every style and preference. Whether you’re drawn to the ethereal glow of Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Seen A Ghost Foundation, the consistency and coverage of Mehron’s Clown White, the iconic appeal of Manic Panic’s Goth White Cream Powder Foundation, or the soft elegance of Oh My Goth! Liquid Foundation, there’s no shortage of options to help you achieve your desired look.

And, while the e.l.f. x Liquid Death Corpse Paint Vault may have sparked some controversy within the community, it serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of alternative beauty and the importance of embracing and celebrating our unique expressions of self.

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